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May 30, 2023

Navigating lead generation in the fitness industry has become increasingly complex. The days of launching a Facebook ad and watching a flood of new leads come in are long past.


In this episode, Stuart brings Mark Council back to the Lift the Bar podcast. They delve into how Mark has started created links with other local businesses to make his lead generation more diverse and consistent.

Expect to learn about how to effectively assess the costs tied to offline marketing, how to design mutually beneficial marketing with local businesses and why standing in Morrisons might help you get your next client.


Whether you're a gym owner or a personal one-on-one trainer, this episode underscores the timeless value of building reciprocal relationships amidst the ever-evolving landscape of digital platforms. It serves as an excellent reminder that, while digital trends may fluctuate, the power of personal relationships remains unchanged.




1:50- How did Mark start developing relationships with local businesses?

7:13- The value of exposure.

11:30- Strategies for finding and contacting local businesses.

22:20- Using client’s interests to find suitable businesses.

24:01- The value of giving free memberships to local businesses.

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May 23, 2023
Training female clients often raises a lot of questions for coaches.

Do the training requirements for female clients differ from those of male clients? What about the menstrual cycle? Should that affect your decisions? Should we design female training programs differently because of it? 

In this episode, Stuart teams up with Lauren Conselo-Semple to address these questions. They delve into the most recent research surrounding training strategies for female clients and athletes. If you need to get up to speed on the latest scientific insights on this subject, this episode is your perfect companion.

Lauren unpacks her latest research examining the impact of hormonal fluctuations on muscle development and performance, and whether the research supports adjusting training to align with the menstrual cycle. Expect to learn about the variability of the menstrual cycle, whether women have a higher injury risk and if they should eat more protein at specific times during their cycle.

This episode is a really comprehensive guide for understanding the current evidence on female physiology and its implications for exercise. If you train female client’s, you don’t want to miss it!



1:50- What is the menstrual cycle?

3:30- What are the different phases of the menstrual cycle?

5:06- Is it important to understand the menstrual cycle?

6:23- What are the effects of the menstrual cycle?

7:10- Why did Lauren want to study the menstrual cycle and training?

10:35- Does the research suggest that the menstrual cycle affects performance and muscle growth?

18:53- What are the effects of the menstrual cycle? Part 2

20:18- Personalising a clients training.

21:57- Nutrition periodisation and menstrual cycle phase.

22:40- Training myths about the menstrual cycle.

24:00- Should men and women train differently?

29:45- How do elite rugby coaches train female athletes?

32:31- Recommend menstrual cycle resources?

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May 16, 2023

You can read countless articles about semi-private personal training, but nothing compares to insights from someone who's been through it all. 

Our guest of the day, Katie Hughes, has successfully created a bustling semi-private personal training business right from her back garden. Join Stuart as he delves into Katie's journey, uncovering why she chose semi-private training, how she transformed her garage, and what she charges.  

Tune in to discover how to transition from one-on-one personal training to a semi-private setup, the tactics to secure more leisure time, and why networking with your parents' friends could be the unsuspected key to business expansion. 



01:37-Katie's Typical Week 

02:07-Introduction to Katie’s studio 

03:19-How did Katie start as a PT? 

04:22-Katie's Inspiration for her studio 

04:54-Creating the studio 

05:42-How Katie got her first clients 

06:48-When did Katie decide to do semi-private? 

12:45-Introducing semi-private to current clients 

14:55-Booking approaches for semi-private 

18:45-Costs of one to one vs semi-private 

20:30-Taking time off 

24:39-Programming semi-private 

32:12-Advice for trainers considering moving to semi-private 


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May 9, 2023

Are you a personal trainer not focused on the latest fitness trends or helping clients achieve athletic milestones like running faster, jumping higher, or hitting a double bodyweight back squat? Perhaps you're more passionate about enhancing someone's daily life by enabling them to move easily, confidently climb stairs, or walk unaided. 

If that resonates with you, you're not alone! Today's Lift The Bar Podcast guest is Helen Rothwell, a personal trainer specialising in programs tailored for older adults. Join Stuart as he and Helen discuss fall prevention, optimal session durations, and whether heavy lifting suits older clients. Learn about the most appropriate qualifications for working with this demographic, innovative marketing strategies for reaching a generation that may not be active on social media, and what happens when a 90-year-old requests FaceTime coaching. 

This episode offers a refreshing perspective on how to break free from conventional fitness norms. If you're ready to move beyond pre-workout supplements, back squats, and Tupperware, older adults need your expertise. After listening, don't forget to check out Episode 370, featuring Dr. Janet Withall, for an in-depth exploration of the research behind training older populations! 



1:50- What does Helen currently do?  

3:03- Why did Helen focus on coaching older adults and falls prevention? 

6:45- Are older adults underserved by the fitness industry?  

8:30- Personal Trainer CPD for training older adults 

10:30- How to grow an older adult client base. 

16:40- Appropriate session length for older adults  

19:00- Session pricing for older adults.  

22:39- Managing missed sessions and holidays. 

24:31- Communicating the price. 

26:02- Coaching older adults via FaceTime. 

27:34- Myths and misconceptions about training older adults: Should they lift heavy? 


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May 2, 2023

Are you a fitness professional eager to share your knowledge, attract new clients, and earn money? It's time to think about running a seminar! But wait... What if nobody shows up? What if you only end up confusing everyone? And what if you mess up in front of all those potential clients? 

In this episode of the Lift the Bar Podcast, Stuart welcomes back communication coach Jenny Rearick to discuss how you can confidently get started with delivering seminars and presentations in the fitness industry. 

Whether you've been hesitant to take the stage, had a less-than-perfect experience in the past, or want to polish your skills, this episode is for you. Jenny shares valuable insights and practical tips for trainers at any stage of their career, helping you expand your reach, build your brand, and make a lasting impact on your audience. 

We explore various topics, including the differences between seminars and presentations, connecting with your audience, and incorporating interactive elements to boost engagement. With Jenny's expertise and actionable strategies, you'll be well on your way to becoming a powerful and unforgettable presenter. 

Tune in to this Lift the Bar Podcast episode and discover how to elevate your seminars, captivate your audience, and leave them motivated, educated, and eager for more. 



01:40- Should PT’s run seminars or workshops? 

03:48- What are the advantages to running a seminar or workshop? 

04:37- Differences between seminar and presentations 

07:45- What should PT’s consider before running a seminar? 

11:45- How to design interactive seminar experiences 

15:50- How can PT’s maximise their speaking opportunities 

18:53- Planning your first presentation: Location 

21:52- Planning your first presentation: Topic 

24:03- Planning your first presentation: Cost 

29:36- Planning your first presentation: Attendance 

32:40- Eliminating “filler words” from your presentation 

35:15- Why it is important to limit your presentation content.  

36:08- Should you use slides? 

38:17- How to make attendees feel welcome 

39:49- Overcoming presentation nerves 


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Apr 25, 2023
Are you tired of hearing the same old fitness advice like, "Protein is essential for muscle growth," or "Eat veggies at every meal to shed pounds"? So are we. And more importantly, so is your audience. The fitness landscape has evolved, and it's crucial to stand out in this content-saturated world. 

In this Lift the Bar Podcast episode, Stuart dives deep with Josh Taylor, a funny, engaging, science-based Online Personal Trainer who creates excellent video content. Don't just take our word for it – check out Josh's IG page if you want a chuckle.  

Join us as Josh unveils his step-by-step process for crafting irresistibly entertaining videos that will leave your audience craving more. Learn the art of scripting, recording, and editing content that educates and captivates, eliminating the need to hard-sell your coaching services. Josh also shares his secret for generating compelling topics, the pitfalls of perfectionism, and the age-old question: do gingers really have souls? 

Tune in now and elevate your fitness content game. 



01:47-Has Josh always been comfortable being funny on video?  

05:23-How to create a video “style” 

08:17-Has Josh’s content affected the number of coaching enquiries?  

12:23-Quality vs Quantity of content.  

18:45-Video planning 

24:56-Creating content ideas 

27:11-Writing content scripts 

29:30-Setting up camera shots  

33:02-Video Editing  

34:09-The importance of quality audio 

36:25-Making video thumbnails 

38:10-Writing video captions 



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Apr 18, 2023

“Earn seven figures! Pay off your mortgage! Run your business from Dubai and live like royalty. Everyone in my mentorship did it! Who wants in?!" Advice for online coaches often sounds like this, which, to be frank, is pretty damn shady. Thankfully, on this episode of the LTB podcast, we have Dan and Mike from Biceps and Banter to expose the frauds and give us the low down on what PT’s should do if they want to be successful online.  


In this episode, you'll learn about the following: 

  1. Building effective systems for delivering top-notch coaching 

  1. The critical differences between one-to-one and group coaching in the online space 

  1. Why niching down involves more than just targeting a specific sex or age.  

Tune in and elevate your online coaching game with real-world advice from industry experts, only on the Lift The Bar podcast. 



02:06- Deciding whether being an online PT is right for you 

11:25- What was it like being a PT who started their career online? 

15:30- What are the advantages of being an online PT? 

20:05- Online coaching foundations 

31:20- Creating a niche 

43:42- Should a new online trainer do one to one or group coaching? 

50:11- Shady online PT mentorships  



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Apr 11, 2023

Hey, you’ve got a gap between your clients, right?  

Come hang out with Stuart and muse about being a PT.   



0:56- An underrated investment worth making

4:00- Do you need a part-time job?  

5:50- Do PT’s need abs?  

11:38- Is your content actually any good?  


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Apr 4, 2023

In the world of fitness, few have delved as deeply into the realms of business, personal growth, and education as our distinguished guest today. We're excited to welcome back Mark Fisher, the inspirational founder of Mark Fisher Fitness, to the Lift the Bar Podcast as he discusses his new book, The Book of Fitness Business Secrets. Join us and uncover some of the key secrets behind Mark's success. 

Explore Mark's essential pillars of marketing and learn how they have contributed to the meteoric rise of Mark Fisher Fitness. Uncover practical tips for managing distractions. Even the ones that come from inside your own head! Mark also shares his invaluable approach for gathering meaningful feedback from clients and even talks about when he chooses to disregard feedback. 

This episode is a treasure trove of valuable insights for personal trainers, gym owners, and fitness enthusiasts looking to up their game in the competitive fitness industry. You don't want to miss this opportunity to learn from Mark Fisher's wealth of wisdom and experience as he shares his journey with the Lift The Bar Podcast. So, sit back, listen, and learn – and be sure to have a pen ready for this one! 



2:05- Why publish a book? 

4:14- Can it be easier to publish a book than we think?  

7:02- Marks hardest career moments 

12:50- The pillars of marketing 

17:10- Referral Campaigns. 

22:41- Managing Distractions 

26:33- Maximising continuing professional development.  

31:20- Getting feedback from clients  

35:40- The importance of time away from business.  



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Mar 28, 2023

Is it that time of the month? The point where you're scrambling around for fresh ideas for your semi-private group workouts? The same old goblet squats just aren't cutting it anymore, and both you and your clients crave something more engaging. 

Well, never fear! You're not alone! We've been in that "staring blankly at Excel" situation ourselves, and we're here to help! Get ready to revamp your approach to small-group programme design with this week's LTB podcast.  

We're diving into the archives to bring you an insightful conversation with Stuart Macdonald, who's no stranger to the challenges of keeping workouts fresh, engaging, and effective.  

Bid farewell to the mundane and embrace exciting programs your clients will love. Listen in as Stuart shares how he's revolutionised his training methods by organising client sessions into long-term dynamic blocks, complete with seamless transitions. Plus, discover how our Programme Design Mentorship transformed Stuart's approach to workout planning, banishing those program design headaches for good. 




1:20- Stuart's first experiences with programme design 

8:31- What does Stuart's small-group programme look like now: The Importance of Blocks 

11:13- How does Stuart design individual sessions within a block 

14:35- The value of naming weeks and blocks 

17:30- Why semi-private still isn't the norm 

19:15- What does a session involve actually involve: Part 1 

21:10- The value of cluster sets and time blocks 

26:30- Adapting semiprivate for individual clients.  

29:10- How Stuart encourages client to coach either other 

30:48- What does a session involve actually involve: Part 2 

33:01- Finishers and Challenges 

34:16- The difference between Session A, B, C 

35:25- How does a session progress between months? 



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Mar 21, 2023

In the last episode of the Lift The Bar podcast, we explored Harriet's journey as she transitioned careers to become a personal trainer. Today's episode features a guest at the other end of the spectrum.  

Dean Somerset boasts 20 years of experience as a personal trainer. He is a world-renowned course instructor and speaker. Curious about how he achieved such success? This episode delves into his humble beginnings at a commercial gym, his strategies to build an initial client base, and his insights on making career decisions. We also discuss the ever-present debate: which is more important, lifestyle or money? 




01:26- Imposter Syndrome 

06:34- Why did Dean stay in a commercial gym for so long? 

10:12- How important is it for new trainers to look for the right gym? 

11:52- Did Dean ever consider being an employed trainer? 

14:14- What would Dean change about his early career? 

16:48- How to develop people skills. 

21:42- Dean’s advice for a struggling PT 

24:06- Focusing on lead generation inside vs outside of a gym. 

27:10- What else should trainers do early in their career? 

29:29- Why Dean didn’t open a facility? 

33:47- What is the best piece of advice Dean’s ever been given? 

33:57- What would Dean change about the fitness industry? 

34:42- What would a national campaign for personal training look like? 

35:28 Advice for a PT who has fallen out of love with coaching. 


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Mar 14, 2023

Are you ready to break free from your 9-to-5 job and turn your passion for fitness into a career as a personal trainer? Making the transition can be a daunting journey, but fear not! You're not alone. Many have successfully completed the switch before you, and you can too. 

In this inspiring episode, Stuart sits down with Harriet Olliffe, who shares her journey from teaching classes in a local town hall to owning a gym. Together, they explore the challenges of building a career in fitness, including navigating the ups and downs, the importance of hard work, and the value of being risk averse. 

Through their discussion, you'll gain valuable insights into what it takes to succeed in the industry and why the effort is ultimately worth it. So tune in now to learn from Harriet's experiences and discover how to pursue a fulfilling career doing what you love as a personal trainer. 



01:46- Harriet's career before personal training 

05:35-Running classes at the local town hall. 

10:39- What would Harriet change about her start in fitness?  

12:38- Starting mobile PT while working full time. 

17:11- Work-life balance while growing a PT business.  

19:38- Starting at a boutique gym. 

21:47- The importance of being risk adverse.  

24:45- Working part-time on gym reception. 

26:07- Could Harriet have managed to be successful without working so much?   

28:50- The advantages of being an employed PT 

31:15- Opportunity to shadow at Harriet’s facility.  

34:26- Different routes to becoming a PT. 

37:08- Opening a facility 


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Mar 7, 2023

The guys from Lift the Bar are back in full force for another Q&A. Join Stuart, Gregg, and Alex for this weeks episode of the LTB podcast as they dive into a variety of topics that will make your life as a personal trainer much easier.  

You can expect to learn whether you need to periodise programmes for the general population, how to determine which experts to trust, and how you can organise your time better. Spoiler Alert: Maybe you need a social media blocker! Also, on this weeks episode, Gregg condemns himself to a life without sleep, Alex considers buying a Nokia 3310 and Stuart learns a new word.   



02:28- Time Management: How to be more efficient and organised. 

06:22- Should everyone “time block”? 

08:40- Problems with Task Switching and social media. 

09:59- Using website blockers to your advantage. 

19:58- How can we know which experts to trust? 

28:11- Can you trust an expert to recommend you another?! 

32:32- Should PT’s periodise programs for the general population? 

36:07- Periodisation for new clients. 

38:35- Should the transitions between training blocks be “harsh” or “smooth”? 

41:10- Should you get feedback from a client before you write their next training block? 

43:01- Does periodisation really boil down to organisation and what if your client wants more variety?  


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Feb 28, 2023

Effective communication is vital for personal trainers, so we've invited returning guest Cathy MacDonald from The Art of Communication to join Stuart on today's episode. Together, they explore scenarios PTs encounter in the gym and share tangible actions to make your communication more effective. You'll discover how to discuss money without feeling awkward, steer people away from dangerous activities without making them defensive, and why you shouldn’t give Stuart an axe.  Tune in to sharpen your communication skills and become a more effective personal trainer. 



01:28 How to communicate with new gym members. 

07:37 The Importance of learning about people 

09:23 Core Emotional Concerns 

13:49 How to communicate with a gym member who is at risk of injury. 

21:06 The value of compliments  

24:46 How to offer your services without being salesy 

31:35 How to talk about your prices  

33:57 How to respond if someone asks for a discount 

38:57 How to communicate a price increase to your clients 




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Feb 21, 2023

Are you struggling to differentiate yourself from other personal trainers on social media? With so many others offering similar services, it can be challenging to stand out and attract potential clients. After all, why would they pick your “121 sessions, personalised plans and monthly reviews” over anyone else's?!  

But dont worry, weve got you covered.  

In this episode, Stuart is joined by Jonathan Goodman, a renowned business coach with over 15 years of experience in the personal training industry. As the founder of many successful ventures such as the Personal Trainer Development Centre, QuickCoach, Online Trainer Mentorship and author of 11 books, Jonathan shares his expertise on all things business. Expect to learn about the impact of discounts on your business, how to craft a compelling brand message that resonates with your audience, and why getting more followers is probably a waste of time. 



04:44- Post 1: Will discounts ruin your business? 

07:48- The best and worst way to do free PT trials.  

12:03- Post 1: Market what a person will become. 

19:07- What about if you don’t sell client transformations?  

22:17- How to set yourself apart from other businesses.  

28:06- Post 2: Why getting more followers is a waste of time if you want more clients.  

31:18 - Marketing offline in your local community 

42:12 - Human Optimised Coaching Sales for PT’s 




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Feb 14, 2023

PT: “Okay, just before we start, I need to check if you have any medical conditions?” 

Client: “Okay, yes…I’ve got *insert complicated Latin sounding word*”.  

PT: Umm so we might need to check with your GP before we start training.” 
Most personal trainers have been there before, and let’s be honest, its better to be safe than sorry! But do you always need to ask a client’s General Practitioner (GP) Doctor? And even when you do, how do you do it so that the GP actually gets back to you? Here to answer all these questions and more is Dr Katy Fisken. 

Dr Fisken joins Stuart on the podcast to discuss improving communication between personal trainers and GPs. They explore when PTS must check with a clients GP about medical conditions before training, and how to do so. They also touch on Dr Fiskens fascinating personal experience as a GP-turned-PT, the level of exercise and nutrition education in medical schools, and the growing importance of lifestyle medicine. 




01:08 Exercise and Nutrition Education as a GP 

09:45 Challenges of Delivering Lifestyle Medicine 

13:55 When PTs Should Seek GP Clearance 

18:10 How PTs Should Seek GP Clearance 

20:24 Qualifications for PTs Working with Clients with Medical Conditions 

22:41 Establishing Relationships with Local GPs 

25:09 Dr Fisken's Motivation for Becoming a PT 

26:29 Time Management and Business Growth as a GP and PT 

29:59 How Being a GP Informed Dr Fisken's PT Practice 

31:29 How Becoming a PT Informed Dr Fiskens GP Practice 


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Feb 7, 2023

Should you spend ££££ on a machine to measure your client's body composition? Will it help you make better decisions for your clients? Can they really measure someone's body fat?  

Stuart welcomes Dr. Eric Helms back on the podcast to find out. Along the way, they also talk about research on the relationship between sedentary time and health. You can also expect to learn exactly whether specific exercises can really target certain regions of muscle, why squats won't make your hamstrings grow and why you DON’T want early career success.   





Exploring Early Career Success and Longevity


The Relationship Between Sedentary Time and Exercise


Exploring the Accuracy of Body Composition Measurements Methods


Regional Hypertrophy in Response to Resistance Training


How does Regional Hypertrophy inform a personal trainers practice?


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Jan 31, 2023
 Is 2023 the year when the robots take over?  

With the recent release of Chat GPT, many coaches are considering how AI will affect their future careers.  

Stuart welcomes Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon back onto the Lift the bar podcast to explore this and many other questions. Expect to learn what AI should be used for and what it shouldn’t, why being solution-focused leads to better client success and the best way to future-proof your coaching skill set. 



1:26- Should personal trainers coach nutrition? 

3:10- Should nutrition and exercise be separate services? 

6:47- Why trainers should refer to other professionals for detailed nutrition support.  

12:17- Being a solution-focused coach. 

22:51- What does AI bring to coaching? 

33:02- How could a new coach use Chat GPT? 

34:52- Will AI be able to write good training programs? 

41:16- How can coaches future-proof their skillsets?  


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Jan 24, 2023

In 2023, it seems like everyone is an “online coach”. But just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you should. That’s why this episode from the vault is getting another airing. 

In this week’s edition, Stuart talks to Dan Smith about all things online coaching. They cover why selling “online coaching” doesn’t work, the importance of designing your program and how to advertise so you never have to “sell” your service again. Expect to learn how to create a rewarding online coaching business, how to deal with the highs and lows of business and what happened to Dan in Ibiza… 

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to start or grow an online coaching business in 2023.  




1:26 How can coaches regulate their emotions?  

7:00- How to create a better work-life balance. 

8:43- How should coaches discuss their clients’ results?     

12:41- What role do transformation pictures play in selling online coaching?  

17:54- Why coaches should stop selling online coaching and start creating their “method”. 

20:49- How does Dan structure his online method?  

25:47- How to name an online coaching method 

29:50- What else should people know about online coaching?  

30:35- How Dan figured out he was a better coach online.  

32:51- Is coaching online an easy way to earn six figures? 

37:55- How has Dan changed his marketing methods?  

41:27- Dominating your postcode is still important…even online!  


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Jan 17, 2023

Are you interested in starting an online group coaching program but don't know how? Look no further! This archived episode of the LTB podcast features Emma Storey-Gordon. Emma’s last intake of the EC method successfully helped 600+ new clients, so she knows what she is talking about!  
Stuart and Emma cover everything you need to know about online coaching such as how to create digital systems, make effective onboarding processes, and how previous members can help new clients. Tune in to learn more! 



1:37- How does Emma manage her time? 

2:45- The Issue with task switching 

6:09- How Emma uses a Virtual Assistant to help with workload 

6:52- What and when should you outsource? 

12:32- What is the EC method? 

13:48- How long does the EC method last?  

16:11- How do people pay for the EC method?  

16:44- Should coaches get a business partner to help run group coaching?  

21:16- How does someone sign up for the EC method?  

25:33- What does the EC welcome email say?  

27:05- What to do if your emails end up in people's spam 

29:15- How does Emma help people get started with the EC method? 

31:10- What nutrition support does the EC method involve?  

33:09- Is there a minimum number of clients needed for effective group coaching?  

37:09- Is 1-2- or group coaching better for coaches and clients? 

40:52- What marketing does Emma do just before launching a new EC intake?  

46:41- How does Emma use her Instagram for marketing?  

49:00- Why group coaching is a great way to achieve more customer value 

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Jan 10, 2023
The world of biomechanics can be a pretty scary place for a beginner. We have pulled this episode from the archive to help you delve into the fascinating world of biomechanics.  

Stuart talks to Paul Standell about how personal trainers can understand the physics that underlies exercise and how doing so will accelerate their careers and even, get them more clients! 

Discover why specific exercises, such as the dumbbell lateral raise, become more difficult at the top instead of the bottom (Hint: It’s not because your arm got heavier!). Learn how exercise mechanics can be used to tailor sessions to individual clients and the surprising benefits of spending time on a seesaw. 


1:08- Why are personal trainers like advisors?  

4:41- When should personal trainers be more directive?  

6:43- How many choices should personal trainers give their client?  

7:28- Definition of exercise mechanics 

20:12- Why should personal trainers care about exercise mechanics?  

27:30- Can exercise mechanics make a client’s session less fun?  

31:41- How to tailor your use of exercise mechanics to an individual client 

35: 45- How exercise mechanics helps get client buy in 

38:53- Where can personal trainers learn about exercise mechanics?  


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Jan 3, 2023
In this week's episode, Stuart sits down with Ben Pickard to discuss common challenges fitness businesses face. They explore why an increase in clients may not necessarily improve profitability, the viability of trainers opening their own facilities, and how owners can retain top staff. Ben also delves into the ethics of sales and the importance of financial planning, provides a comprehensive overview of tracking key performance indicators, and shares insights on the shifts in client behaviour following the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for valuable tips and strategies to help your fitness business thrive in 2023.  



1:08 Why is Ben still in the fitness industry? 

04:16 How can independent gyms keep their best staff?  

08:16 Should trainers open their own facility? 

10:54 Career trajectory for PT’s 

14:01 How have potential clients changed post-COVID?  

16:50 Is profit evil?  

18:42 Ethics of selling: Self-Serving or Client Serving?  

21:31 The Importance of Financial Management  

26:25 Getting started with Systems 

32:04 Getting started with KPI’s 

39:43 What does it mean to have a better business? 






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Dec 20, 2022

If you want more clients, you need to build relationships.  

There are few better ways to do that than writing.  

In this week's episode, Stuart interviews Ann Hanley. Ann is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Everybody Writes and Content Rules. They talk about how you can become a more natural, engaging writer so your future clients get to know the real you. You'll learn specific editing techniques which make your life easier and your content more engaging. 




  1. Ann's first newsletter: 4:18 
  2. What is honest empathy? 9:13  
  3. Should you write the same way you speak? 14:53 
  4. Making every word count: 18:08 
  5. The importance of editing: 21:19 
  6. Why writing is a privilege: 23:55 
  7. Developing your writing voice: 25:06 
  8. Building a relationship with your readers: 31:45 
  9. Should personal trainers start a newsletter? 34:18 
  10. Ann's advice for her younger: 38:44




Find Out More About Ann:



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Dec 13, 2022
Personal trainers have a lot of different hats to wear. Business owner. Exercise specialist. Content creator. Nutrition expert.  

Would it be best for everyone if they took off the nutrition hat?  

In this week’s episode, Stuart talks to Alan Flanagan about how PTs should deliver nutrition advice. They also touch on how to assess whether other nutrition professionals are good sources of information, the importance of building a referral network, and the surprising link between studying law and studying nutrition.  

Alan was previously a practicing barrister before turning to his passion for nutrition. He holds a masters and PhD in nutritional medicine. He is the founder of Alinea Nutrition and is also a contributor to Sigma Nutrition.




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Dec 6, 2022

Most personal trainers who work in commercial gyms leave the industry within two years. Today's guest has beaten those odds.  

Pete Yardley has been personal training in a Pure Gym for ten years. In this episode, Stuart talks to Pete about career longevity. They cover the best approaches to lead generation in a commercial gym, work-life balance and how a lump of chalk helped Pete thrive during lockdown.  




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