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Mar 30, 2020

Mark Fisher runs Mark Fisher Fitness (MFF) in New York, a two location gym and Business For Unicorns (BFU), an education and support company for business owners. Like most fitness businesses, MFF has had to go from being an in-person one to one that is now fully online. We discuss how MFF has pivoted to support their members during this time, how they are going about building and growing their community, whether or not they are trying to market and sell their online programmes and why it's so important to be a human.



  • [01.13] - How COVID-19 has affected things in Mark's world
  • [04.50] - What Mark Fisher Fitness' current plan is
  • [08.29] - How the MFF members have taken to being trained online
  • [12.03] - What else MFF are doing to support and grow their community
  • [14.58] - What silver linings Mark has seen with everything that has gone on
  • [17.21] - Are they trying to market and sell considering everything that is going on?
  • [19.13] - How are they are approaching their marketing and positioning just now
  • [21.49] - How this will affect Mark's ability to make decisions moving forward
  • [25.07] - Any books Mark would recommend



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Mar 27, 2020

Mike Waywell runs a gym called Steel Habitat in Liverpool, England and a company called Gymownr. Mike is one of the people I turn to for advice on helping gym owners as he's built Steel from the ground up to become one of the most impressive facilities in the UK working with over 400 active members. We cover how to see the opportunity among the uncertainty of COVID, why Steel are running a 6-week challenge just now and how to run one yourself, how they are approaching marketing and why you have to remove the emotion out of what's going on to ensure you survive. 



  • [02.26] - Why and how it's so important to see the opportunities that are available just now for gym owners and personal trainers
  • [06.56] - Mike tells us how he's handled things so far
  • [09.26] - Mike talks about a 6-8 week challenge they are using for accountability and retention just now
  • [13.06] - Why Mike's business has seen 95% + retention rates even though they are now fully online
  • [17.21] - How's he's handled pricing
  • [18.41] - How he plans to handle a big drop-off in members
  • [24.26] - If he's going to change his marketing copy to mention things like quarantine and lockdown
  • [26.26] - What novel things they are doing to provide extra support to their members just now
  • [28.19] - How he's feeling about the long term
  • [33.11] - Whether he's managed to keep all his staff
  • [34.11] - What book he'd recommend for times like this
  • [36.41] - Why now is not the time to sulk, become frustrated or argue about politics



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Mar 26, 2020
Cameron Cummings works in a Pure Gym and supports and advises the commercial gym trainers of LTB. In the past week, as with most of the world, the UK has gone on lockdown and he's had to go fully online. We discuss how he's done this, how he's managed losing clients, what his plans are for the long-term and some marketing approaches. 
  • [03.18] - How he's dealt with what the coronavirus has done to his business
  • [07.32] - How many clients he's lost since having to go online
  • [09.01] - How receptive his client base has been to going online
  • [16.35] - Why you should plan for 12 months rather than just a few
  • [22.00] - How to start approaching marketing during this time



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Mar 24, 2020
Gregg Slater is Lift The Bar's Head of Education. Gregg comes on to talk about creating effective home workouts, what equipment you need to create home workouts, what some blocks of training may look like for home training and much more.
If you'd like to gain access to the units that Gregg mentions that will help you create solid home training programmes, head to and sign up for our two-week free trial! Current members can find them in the Facebook group under units and on the members site under browse member content > coronavirus.
  • [01.58] - How is how own training is going just now?
  • [02.58] - What equipment you need to create effective home workouts?
  • [08.03] - The difference between online and remote personal training
  • [10.34] - How and why to coach intentionality with clients when doing an exercise
  • [12.28] - Why to use analogies when coaching
  • [15.03] - Why you want your home workouts to look and feel similar to your PT sessions
  • [18.03] - What a sample home workout could look like
  • [22.18] - Creating blocks of training for home workouts
Mar 23, 2020

A solo episode with Stuart covering what the coronavirus is doing to personal trainers careers and how they can innovate to get through it.

Mar 16, 2020

In this episode, we have another special episode on the coronavirus. This time, I've asked Chris Burgess to come and talk about dealing with the coronavirus' effects on your business, how to handle a loss of income/ loss of clients, how to keep your head up and ensure your business comes out the other side and what your first steps should be. It's a must-listen in times like this. Stay safe, don't forget how big a role you can play in helping to support people through this and please don't suffer alone. I'm more than happy to help so don't hesitate to contact me -

Mar 14, 2020

Everyone is anxious about the coronavirus just now. My goal with this episode is to:

  1. reassure you that you can come out the other side, and
  2. how to go about doing that


Links Mentioned in The Episode


Chris Burgess Coronavirus Example Email

Corona Virus - An official Curious Stance
Let's start at 'worst case'
It's our intention to stay open until the time that the government tell us we aren't allowed to. Obviously we hope that closure won't be forced on us but in the event that we are:
We will be offering:
Daily home workouts that are streamed in this group
Daily 'FaceTime Lead sessions' where the coaches will have a group call with their Semi Private or Bootcamp group at the usual times. You do the workout from home and set your phone camera up in a position where we can coach you if needed
We will be offering to bring kit to your house for you to use, and we will suggest kit for you to buy for your home workouts too.
Let's now talk about 'bad but not worst case'
If we are told to close but the country isnt in some quarantined lockdown, we will run sessions from local parks. It's not ideal but it means we can still help you achieve your health and fitness dreams
Lets now talk about what we need all of you to do:
Wash your hands when you arrive and before you leave.
Don't come to the gym with colds, coughs or if your breathing is playing up. Please dont be offended if you are asked to leave because you have come in poorly - even if its mild.
Don't nick our toilet roll.
Please use the wipes we will put next to the inbody before and after you scan.
Please put your weights away. Fuck sake Greig.
Even if we have to close our doors we will be doing everything in our power to keep sessions running.
But to help us ensure that doesn't happen PLEASE PLEASE don't come into the gym if you have even the slightest inclination that you have COVID 19.

Mar 9, 2020

In today's show, I welcome back on Krista Scott-Dixon. I've had KSD on many times before and she always leaves me with a tonne of things to go away and think about. We get into what exercise/ movement means to her and how it's become a more integrated aspect of her life, how to help clients improve their relationships with food, why some amount of emotional eating can be a good thing and why doing the really simple things you tell your clients to do, like eating slowly, can be great learning experiences.




  • [01.53] - What exercise means to her.
  • [16.08] - Redefining mindfulness to include body-fulness.
  • [23.45] - Why more people are now talking about improving their relationship to food.
  • [26.44] - Where can trainers start when clients want to improve their relationship to food.
  • [33.41] - How to bring up things you notice within clients that aren't serving them.
  • [35.08] - Why some anxiety can be a good thing.
  • [39.23] - The importance of how you show up as a coach.
  • [41.38] - Doing the things you tell your clients to do.
  • [47.23] - The relationship between health and fitness and other mental/ physical behaviours.



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Mar 2, 2020

In today's episode, I welcome on Kevin Mullins. Kevin is a personal trainer who has accumulated well over 10,000 hours worth of PT sessions. He works as Director of Product Development and Education for The St. James - A leading brand in Sports, Wellness, and Active Entertainment based in Virginia. We discuss why he hasn't opened a facility considering it was the logical next step, how we can make personal training well respected as a profession, how he grew his business inside of a commercial gym, hitting burnout and coming out the other side a better person and having to create Zumba style classes without the Zumba. 




  • [01.29] - Why Kevin has yet to open up his own personal training facility?
  • [07.37] - Why he feels so passionate about the personal training industry
  • [10.17] - How we can improve how people perceive personal training as a profession
  • [15.07] - What his first few months in a commercial gym were like
  • [21.50] - How he started getting clients in his commercial gym
  • [26.07] - How he dealt with moments where his client numbers fluctuated up and down
  • [30.22] - What other tips he has for a trainer who needs more clients
  • [34.12] - Kevin tells us about hitting a point in his life where he really struggled with who he was and how he nearly left the industry
  • [41.07] - Did he limit the number of sessions he was doing after hitting burnout?
  • [44.37] - What it's like in his new role having to create Zumba-style classes
  • [48.52] - Has his new role taught him anything he wishes he could go back and tell a younger Kevin Mullins?
  • [52.00] - We talk about his book, Day by Day.




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Feb 24, 2020

Today I welcome on Martin Rooney from Training for Warriors. Martin was one of the first people we welcomed on for a webinar at LTB. His energy is infectious and it's hard not to feel pumped up after listening to him talk about being a fitness professional and coaching. We cover his background, finding your place in the fitness industry, becoming a better coach and his new book, coach to coach.


  • [02.40] - Has he always loved what he's done in his career?
  • [05.40] - How to find the things you really enjoy doing in your career?
  • [13.25] - What he does if he's having a bad day?
  • [19.30] - How to narrow the gap between having knowledge and turning into that results with clients
  • [23.00] - What he would say to the trainer who is quieter and introverted
  • [34.30] - Why you don't need to be better than someone to coach them 
  • [37.00] - How he would like his new book, coach to coach, to be remembered


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Feb 17, 2020

Today I welcome on Lou Brierley. Lou was one of the early LTB members that truely helped form our LTB community into what it is today. He's got an incredibly interesting story that involves him growing a successful outdoor Bootcamp, turning that into a facility and then deciding to sell it all and travel the world. We get into how he grew things starting off, how he made his group sessions enjoyable and somewhere that his members felt comfortable and why he decided to sell his gym!



  • [01.47] - Lou's tell us about his motorhome called Doris
  • [05.32] - Why Lou decided to sell his personal training facility and go travelling 
  • [11.52] - Was he in the wrong time in his life for owning a facility?
  • [14.27] - Whether he thinks you can own a facility and have some form of work: life balance?
  • [17.22] - Does he have any regrets about selling his gym?
  • [22.27] - Why growing slowly is something PTs should consider
  • [25.22] - How Lou grew an outdoor bootcamp to 50 members
  • [36.07] - How he made his sessions fun and comfortable for people who don't like gyms
  • [39.07] - When he plans to stop travelling?



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Feb 10, 2020

In this episode, I talk to Alex Pearson about meditation. I've wanted to talk about meditation for a full episode for a while now as it's a topic that many guests have mentioned and it's very much something that most people are aware of nowadays. But is it as useful as you'll read online? We discuss it's origins, what the literature says about using it for depression, anxiety and weight loss, whether or not PTs should encourage their clients to meditate and some of our own experiences with it.


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  • [04.40] - Some of the different styles of meditation
  • [05.50] - Where it dates back to?
  • [06.45] - Why it's gained popularity?
  • [10.55] - What the literature says about mindfulness and anxiety?
  • [11.46] - What the says about mindfulness and weight loss or emotional eating?
  • [16.20] - Should personal trainers encourage their clients to meditate?
  • [28.10] - Does mindfulness help with decision making?
  • [29.10] - Why lots of people try meditation and don't stick with?
  • [36.25] - Alex shares some of his meditation experiences
  • [39.32] - Can you get a similar effect from doing something like yoga, running or a different activity?
  • [42.53] - Where you can start a meditation habit.



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Feb 3, 2020

In today's episode, I welcome on Liam Thompson from Internet FitPro - a company all about helping personal trainers get more clients and create effective websites that look great. Liam's had a really cool career in the fitness industry and although we don't delve into that much, we do get into a lot of useful information about how to create a FB ad using Internet Fitpro's formula, lead generation for trainers who work in commercial gyms and private studios and how he built his PT business using free sessions. If you want more clients, this episode is going to be well worth your time.



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  • [02.01] - How he would approach getting clients in a commercial gym if he was starting from scratch tomorrow?
  • [05.36] - How to go from free session to paid client?
  • [11.01] - How he would approach getting a client base if he was using more online-based strategies?
  • [14.21] - Should PTs spend more time telling people what it is that they do?
  • [16.36] - How to stick out from your competitors as a personal trainer.
  • [18.51] - Using trials or free sessions?
  • [24.21] - Facebook ads aren't working for you?
  • [29.06] - What data you should pay attention to for FB ads
  • [30.51] - Where to start if you want some new clients using FB ads
  • [40.41] - Why it's well worth getting someone's email



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Jan 27, 2020
In today's episode, I have our last episode in the from the archives series. I welcome on Sarah Miller, who was one of my 1-2-1 clients from back in Dundee, Scotland. We worked together for around 4 years and I asked her to come on to talk about her journey. It's a great way to hear a clients perspective on something we rarely hear their side of, especially in a setting like this which is so different from that of a normal PT session. We talk about her experiences with gyms, how she's got to a place of feeling content with where she is at and what personal trainers could do to better connect with potential clients online.
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Jan 20, 2020

In this episode of the LTB podcast, we have a from the archive episode with Krista Scott-Dixon from Precision Nutrition which was first posted back in 2017. We discuss her book, 'Why We Want Eat', what makes an effective coach, how to improve your self-awareness, empathy and much more.



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Jan 13, 2020
In today's episode, we continue with our series of favourite from the archive episodes by welcoming on Alwyn Cosgrove. This episode was first posted back in 2017 and in it, we cover why trainers need to rethink how they think about sales, what lifetime customer value is and why you need to know what about it and why Alwyn's business Results Fitness has had the success it's had. 
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Jan 6, 2020
In today’s show, I have a from the archive episode with LTBs head of education Gregg Slater on programme design. Gregg’s programme design teachings are some of the best in our industry and we cover everything from where to start when going about creating a programme to how many random exercises to put in. 
If you’re a member of LTB you can check out more of Greggs work by working through one of his courses on gen pop programme design, coaching, nutritional periodisation or his latest one on finishers by logging onto If you're not, head to our site and sign up to our 1 month trial for £1!
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Dec 23, 2019

In today's episode, I welcome on Mike Howard. With over 20 years of practical experience as a personal trainer, online coach, youth fitness specialist, author and presenter, Mike has continuously sought out the best ways to help people achieve sustainable success. He has just completed his second book (first print book) Lean Minded: 50 Days to Mind & Body Transformation. In this conversation, we discuss his new book, how to network, how to deal with the tougher times as a trainer and how and why he runs a yearly fitness retreat.



  • [02.15] - how he would approach a career in personal training knowing what he knows about the industry now?
  • [04.48] - what's changed in his approach to working with clients since he started?
  • [11.12] - investing in your networks
  • [16.12] - how to approach gratitude
  • [18.22] - introversion/ extraversion/ ambiversion and why a skill that trainers should develop is to be able to switch between them
  • [22.07] - how he realised that going above 30 client sessions per week was too much for him
  • [23.48] - how he's dealt with the phases of time where he's thought about leaving the industry
  • [29.22] - what he would tell himself during the tougher times he's experienced
  • [38.32] - how and why he runs fitness retreats
  • [46.47] - Mike tells us about his new book called Lean Minded



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Dec 16, 2019

In today's episode, I welcome back on Sukh Sidhu from Online Fitness Business. Sukh was on for number 112 in June 2018. In today's show, we cover the realities of running a business, challenges with setting and keeping the momentum of online personal training, where most trainers are going wrong when they enter the online PT and Sukh's new venture called Open Coach.



  • [01.01] - why the realities of being an entrepreneur are much harder than is often perceived
  • [07.48] - how to decide if the path you're on is right for you?
  • [10.53] - why networking is an underrated part of running a business
  • [16.10] - how he's feeling about the online personal training space
  • [21.22] - going fully online and then missing in-person PT?
  • [22.51] - why it's so hard to develop any momentum with the number of clients you have for online training
  • [25.48] - what metrics to start tracking
  • [27.00] - why to track retention rates and how to improve those numbers
  • [27.49] - is it a different type of lead for online vs in-person?
  • [30.38] - misconceptions about online training
  • [33.11] - what people do wrong when they are trying to get clients online
  • [40.23] - why it is worth working with an online coach yourself if you're thinking of getting into online PT
  • [41.08] - what Sukh's latest project open coach is and how it'll help personal trainers



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Dec 9, 2019

In today's episode, I welcome back on Jason Leenaarts. Jason was a previous guest back in Nov 2018 on episode 142. He's a husband, father, gym owner, podcast host and one of the most genuine guys I know. In this episode, we discuss his new book called "a revolution a day", how he processes losing clients and why it is well worth your time as a personal trainer to post on social media about your clients.



  • [02.15] - How does Jason feel about being a personal trainer now he's been in the industry over 15 years?
  • [04.19] - Where does he see his facility going in future?
  • [8.24] - What he tends to see over the Christmas period in terms of retention and growth?
  • [13.54] - Has he got better at dealing with client loss as the years have gone on?
  • [21.09] - Why you need to find ambassadors for your business to increase word of mouth
  • [26.39] - How he asks clients if it's ok to post on social media about them
  • [33.39] - Why he rarely posts about himself but spends a lot of time posting about his clients
  • [35.09] - Do any of his clients ever get jealous about being posted less often?
  • [39.54] - Jason's new book
  • [47.34] - What he wishes the fitness industry would do a better job of



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Dec 2, 2019

In today's show, I welcome on Ross Stewart from Improve Glasgow to talk about his recent expansion to a bigger facility, how he's achieved consistent growth, important KPIs to track and some book recommendations. Ross has been on three times before (7,23,80) and is someone I always enjoy talking to. He started off running bootcamps in Glasgow before building a multiple trainer business in a commercial gym before now owning a near 200 member facility. 



  • [2.22] - How Ross has consistently grown and improved his business over the last 10 years?
  • [5.07] - How much of his success he puts down to the initial "grinding stage" he had?
  • [7.15] - Where his desire to grow a business comes from?
  • [18.37] - How many members is his gym working with now?
  • [20.57] - How his new facility is going
  • [22.32] - How he uses he uses his data from his key performance indicators (KPI) to make decisions
  • [30.52] - Leads, conversions to memberships numbers
  • [32.59] - Why he's put so much time into getting to seminars, meet-ups and building relationships with other trainers and business owners
  • [37.22] - What his current marketing campaign looks like
  • [40.52] - If he would recommend PTs do more offline based marketing?
  • [46.22] - Reactivating lapsed members
  • [48.43] - Book recommendations



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Nov 25, 2019
In today's episode, I talk to John O'neil from Cressey Sports Performance (CSP). John has served as the Director of Performance at CSP since the summer of 2017. He returned to CSP after being a part of the first intern group at CSP-Florida during the fall of 2014. Over the past few years, John has coached people of all ages in New York City and New Jersey, as well as working as a high school baseball coach. In this episode, we discuss how to find mentors, why you need to set standards for your own coaching, tips that will make you a more effective coach and much more.
  • [1.53] - How John ended up getting an internship at Cressey Sports Performance
  • [5.13] - What is it like working in an environment like CSP?
  • [10.05] - How important mentors have been in his career
  • [11.28] - How to find mentors?
  • [23.13] - What you should do when you're not in your perfect job?
  • [30.13] - How important is the human, connection side of coaching?
  • [34.43] - What it was like when he first started as an intern in CSP
  • [36.43] - What he wishes every single CSP intern knew about coaching
  • [40.43] - Coaching and programming tips



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Nov 18, 2019

In today's episode, I welcome on Lawrence Judd from Macros Inc. Lawrence is a good friend and someone I've wanted to have on the podcast for a while. I'm sure a few of you will know of him, and if not, you're in for a treat as one of his superpowers is distilling complicated topics into understandable and practical steps. We dive deep into marketing and talk about a definition for it, where personal trainers go wrong, companies who are doing it well, setting business goals for more effective marketing and why you're likely a yoyo marketer.




  • [04.55] - what has happened to Lawrence's chemical engineering career and how he came into the fitness industry?
  • [10.11] - how his degree in chemical engineering has aided his work in health and fitness
  • [13.30] - what Lawrence means when he wrote "you're probably a yoyo marketer" in his LTB magazine piece
  • [16.20] - does he think personal trainers have a knowledge or habit gap when it comes to marketing?
  • [19.45] - how he explains marketing
  • [24.00] - why it's so easy to forget about your customers when you get into running a business
  • [26.18] - how marketing fits into running a business
  • [29.20] - what companies he thinks are marketing their product/ service effectively
  • [34.15] - where he sees personal trainers going wrong with their marketing?
  • [38.54] - how to compare yourself to your competitors effectively
  • [46.15] - relating your service to a fundamental human need
  • [49.45] - why it's important to set clear business goals and how to set them



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Nov 11, 2019

Andrew Coates is an Edmonton, Canada based personal trainer who has been training clients for 9 years. He is a fitness writer and contributor to T-Nation and the writer and co-host of The Fitness Devil Podcast. He is also the co-founder/organizer of The Evolve Canadian Strength Symposium. In this episode, we discuss why you should attend in-person fitness events, why one client can easily turn into ten and using social media to gain business.




  • [04.36] - Why has he put so much time into attending different fitness seminars and conferences?
  • [14.33] - Does he think you can attend too many events?
  • [16.58] - Does he do anything post-event to ensure he's applying what he's learning?
  • [20.46] - How Andrew's career as a PT started?
  • [27.13] - How his first client set off a chain of referrals
  • [30.13] - Has he found that you get less "energy vampire" type clients as the years go on?
  • [40.35] - Why it's useful to question your own bullshit
  • [42.56] - How many personal training sessions he tends to do per month
  • [46.23] - What he's done to generate business
  • [49.33] - Closing messages.



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Nov 4, 2019
In this episode, I'm joined by Alex for another fitness industry conversational episode. We start by discussing where Alex would work if he had to go back to being a brand new PT and then get into a discussion around employed vs self-employed PT. Then we get into a discussion about why you should aim to stick with and work through the tough situations rather than just deciding to get out right away.
  • [5.42] - If Alex was a brand new personal trainer and he was deciding where to work, where would he choose?
  • [12.37] - Should you move for a job in PT?
  • [14.52] - Why working in a commercial gym can be a great place to start
  • [23.37] - Why having many options for a career in fitness can be a hindrance rather than a help
  • [25.52 onwards] - Alex talks about how the more final a decision is the more chance we will begin to like it

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