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Apr 26, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Mike Doehla from the nutrition coaching company StrongerU. Stronger U currently has 15 employees and around 75 coaches. The business works with >50,000 clients across 50 countries. They get into some nutrition coaching tips, customer experience advice and taking the jump towards better service as well non-paid marketing approaches and tips for growing your business. Timestamps are below.



  • [01.32] - How his covid experience has been?
  • [02.39] - Does he think the fitness industry will have a boom post covid?
  • [04.42] - The nutrition challenges that people coming out of lockdown will be experiencing?
  • [05.57] - How can fitness professionals do better work?
  • [08.32] - How can we teach client-centric coaching?
  • [14.32] - How did he develop self-awareness as a coach in the early days of his career?
  • [20.47] - The importance of the relationship with your clients.
  • [21.47] - How to up your customer service experience to gain more organic growth?
  • [26.32] - How they use surveys with their clients?
  • [30.02] - Steps to take to start creating a better customer experience.
  • [32.32] - StrongerU's onboarding process.
  • [36.32] - Non-paid marketing approaches?
  • [43.39] - Why you have to do things that you may not want to do to grow your business.
  • [47.02] - Why hiring is StrongerU's superpower.
  • [50.17] - How much of StrongerU's success is down to luck?


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Apr 19, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Chris Burgess for our third episode in the "how I use social media" series. This one is way less social media focussed than our last two as Chris' passion for local marketing and in-person personal training comes through, however, we also discuss how he uses social media, how his gym business uses it, whether you need an avatar, contacting local businesses to network share on social media and much more! Timestamps are below.



  • [01.15] - How Chris thinks about using social media as a trainer.
  • [06.20] - Starting off building an online business using concentric circles.
  • [08.35] - Should I chase more followers?
  • [13.20] - What should a trainer do if they need more clients using social media?
  • [17.25] - Why and how he uses a 3 session pass with new clients.
  • [21.35] - Simple social media strategies for local lead generation.
  • [24.05] - Encouraging people to take the next step towards working with you on social media.
  • [28.30] - Where are trainers going wrong on social media?
  • [30.50] - How important is it to have a particular person in mind when putting out social media content?
  • [37.40] - Should you use a personal profile to share your PT stuff?


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Apr 12, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Tony Gentilcore. Tony has been a coach since 2002 and has worked in all kinds of settings including commercial gyms, large athlete focussed gyms and nowadays, his own small independent studio. He's been writing consistently excellent blogs at Tony, and today, we discuss a range of things to do with running better personal training sessions. We get into why the soft skills matter, how to assess new clients, some coaching tips you can apply straight into your next session and much more. Timestamps are below.



  • [01.13] - Does he classify himself as a strength coach or personal trainer?
  • [03.54] - Why he's passionate about the art of session delivery?
  • [07.24] - Does the fitness industry focus enough on the soft skills of coaching?
  • [15.09] - Why it's important to be great at the X&O's (programming) as well as the softer skills.
  • [19.04] - How he assesses his new clients nowadays vs how he used to do it?
  • [22.39] - Why an assessment can feel like judgement for a new client.
  • [30.39] - Having to tell a client to stop moaning and complaining about how hard lifting weights is.
  • [39.14] - How and why he includes choice within his sessions?
  • [43.44] - Telling clients to stop "shoulding" on themselves.
  • [49.24] - Why using "of course" is a useful way to show empathy.


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Apr 8, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Meghan Callaway, @meghancallawayfitness on Instagram. Meghan is a coach who works with clients online and in-person and creates products that include her pullup, pushup and landmine programmes. They discuss how she thinks about using social media, growing your following, creating great content, how she creates her videos, her 3E content formula and much, much more. Timestamps are below.



  • [02.14] - How long has she been posting on social media professionally?
  • [03.17] - What her social media strategy is?
  • [06.02] - Meghan's 3E content formula.
  • [08.42] - How she creates and posts her videos to Instagram without using anything outside of the platform.
  • [10.42] - Why she recycles her content.
  • [12.37] - Having folders on her phone for Instagram posts to make reposting simple and time-efficient.
  • [14.07] - The importance of knowing your audience and what content they like.
  • [15.02] - How she's grown her following to over 60,000 on Instagram.
  • [16.52] - How her business has grown using social media.
  • [18.37] - Her advice to a trainer who hasn't gained much traction on social media so far.
  • [23.37] - Another reason why it's well worth reposting your content.
  • [25.57] - How she takes followers from the platform towards her services or buying her products?
  • [29.12] - Her advice for getting business and engagement on social media.
  • [31.22] - Talk in a language your audience can relate to.
  • [32.07] - The importance of the people who already follow you.
  • [33.27] - Does she boost her posts?
  • [37.00] - Her target market or audience.
  • [39.07] - Did she have a niche when starting out posting?
  • [45.12] - What she uses instead of linktree for her Instagram profile?


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Apr 5, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Adam Meakins on. Adam, @adammeakins on Instagram, is well known for his evidence-based approach to physiotherapy, strong views and his willingness to call out some of what he describes as nonsense surrounding his profession. He's got a novel approach to helping his patients and in this episode, they get into how he describes physiotherapy, the line between personal training and physio, finding good physios, the problem with manual therapy and a lot of other popular rehab techniques as well as a number of analogies to help you think about the myths surrounding injury and pain. Timestamps are below.



  • [01.47] - how he explains what physiotherapy is?
  • [03.39] - how would he help a trainer think about physiotherapy if they've only had positive experiences with treatments like acupuncture, massage and ultrasound?
  • [08.47] - The over and under-treatment paradox of healthcare
  • [10.37] - How he re-educates patients who believe in treatments that have no evidence behind them?
  • [12.37] - The importance of using uncertainty in supporting physio patients.
  • [22.07] - How to find good physiotherapists?
  • [23.47] - does physio need to be in-person?
  • [25.27] - How much of his job involves reassurance?
  • [30.58] - Helping people better manage pain that arises for no real reason.
  • [33.22] - Why he doesn't use manual therapy anymore?
  • [39.47] - Why giving yourself more pain (through something like a scraping technique) can give you less pain than you felt originally?
  • [41.47] - The circle analogy of pain tolerance or capacity?
  • [44.22] - Story of a practitioner who did surgery on his knee to better understand pain.
  • [46.57] - Is physiotherapy and personal training becoming more blurred due to approaches like his that include more education on movement and lifestyle?


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Mar 29, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Dr Mike Banna. Mike is a full-time NHS GP, GP Trainer and GP Training Programme Director, and a Director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. He co-hosts the Fitness Unfiltered Podcast and has written for The Guardian, Men’s Health, Gymshark, Spectator Health and several other medical publications.
They discuss why Mike has a personal trainer, what he would look for in one on social media, how PTs can work more closely with doctors, how much doctors are taught about nutrition and exercise and much more! Timestamps are below.



  • [02.30] - Why does he have a personal trainer?
  • [05.35] - What he think people look for in a personal trainer on social media?
  • [15.20] - The challenges doctors/ GPs have in working closely with personal trainers?
  • [19.00] - Advice for trainers who want to work with their doctor or their client's doctor?
  • [19.50] - Why doctors cannot recommend individual personal trainers?
  • [22.25] - Mike's thoughts on personal trainers sending out letters to their client's doctor about their training or progress?
  • [32.30] - How much are doctors taught at a base level when it comes to exercise and nutrition?


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Mar 22, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Emma Storey-Gordon. This is the first episode in a new series we're going to run occasionally called 'how I use social media'. First up, we have the amazing ESG. Emma is a personal trainer, online coach, nutritionist and educator. They discuss how she thinks about using social media, being 'salesy' on your socials, improving confidence as a creator, coming up with ideas, finding your content niche and more! Timestamps are below.



  • [03.30] - How she thinks about using social media as a fitness professional.
  • [05.05] - Is social media her main form of marketing?
  • [08.15] - Being 'salesy' on social media.
  • [11.55] - Why ESG feels too many trainers are doing the same things on social media.
  • [12.30] - Why there's an opportunity within the world of writing.
  • [17.02] - Her social media content strategy.
  • [18.30] - Why you should repost your content.
  • [19.45] - Storing content ideas.
  • [21.43] - Feeling confident in what you post.
  • [29.25] - Clients don't need new info, they need reassurance.
  • [30.32] - How she turns her ideas into pieces of content.
  • [31.50] - Is she mindful of how she uses social media for mental health and productivity reasons?
  • [37.05] - Finding what you're good at on social media.
  • [39.25] - Having other methods to market your business than just social media.
  • [41.45] - Showing skin as a female on social media?
  • [47.25] - How her values and confidence as a coach have changed.


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Mar 15, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes back Mark Council. Mark owns a gym called Platform Performance, which he opened with a business partner in 2017. This is the first proper episode of a new podcast instalment we're trialling called 'gym owner corner' where I'll bring Mark on to discuss the realities and challenges of being a gym owner. In this episode, we discuss a range of topics including what he's doing to manage his mental health just now, keeping members engaged, retention strategies, thoughts on gyms reopening and much more.



  • [03.20] - What he's doing to manage his mental health just now?
  • [08.00] - Why Mark has his own online coach.
  • [13.40] - Did he have any reservations around paying for coaching/ therapy?
  • [19.20] - Experiencing the frustration at being stalled.
  • [20.05] - How his gym is keeping his members going through lockdown?
  • [23.20] - What about the members who aren't engaging with his online workouts and challenges?
  • [25.57] - Is his gym trying to bring in new members at the moment?
  • [27.40] - Plan for moving forward and reopening.
  • [28.40] - The angle he'll be using to advertise his gym.
  • [31.15] - Bringing more people towards health and fitness.
  • [32.25] - How well he knows each new member who signs up to Platform.


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Mar 8, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Ben Davis. Ben started as a personal trainer who gradually built up his business to the point where he had other coaches working for him. He then transitioned into working in the fitness marketing space where he now runs a company called Fitness Marketing Agency (FMA). 
In this episode, they discuss sales, marketing and advertising. They talk through how to improve your sales process, what marketing methods you should focus on and how to improve your social media ads. Timestamps are below!



  • [01.45] - How he moved into the marketing space by reaching out to companies he thought could be doing a better job?
  • [04.23] - Is advertising on social media effective?
  • [05.40] - Secret shopping gyms and personal trainers to learn about their sales processes.
  • [09.18] - Simple sales tips.
  • [18.33] - Sales call tips.
  • [24.30] - The importance of proof of concept.
  • [28.30] - Trying to become famous on social media rather than using it as a marketing tool.
  • [39.45] - Tips for bringing in more clients through your marketing.
  • [39.03] - Facebook ads advice.
  • [42.00] - What his company, Fitness Marketing Agency, are currently seeing working in advertising?


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Mar 1, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Eric Trexler. Eric is a pro natural bodybuilder and a sports nutrition researcher. He has several years of University-level teaching experience, and has been coaching athletes with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience levels since 2009. Eric is now the Director of Education at Stronger By Science, and a reviewer for Monthly Applications in Strength Sport (MASS).
For the first half of this episode, they discuss how he handles comparisons in the fitness industry, increasing exercise frequency during quarantine and making time for your most important task. We then move into discussing all things related to caffeine. Timestamps are below!



  • [01.45] - Has he struggled with the identity aspect of not being able to exercise how he likes to exercise?
  • [09.47] - How he's getting on with his 2021 goal of exercising for 20 minutes per day.
  • [14.57] - Making time to write by putting a 2-hour slot into his day first thing in the morning.
  • [22.34] - What we know about caffeine and performance.
  • [25.27] - What we know about caffeine and health.
  • [28.27] - Recommendations for caffeine and your gen pop PT client.
  • [30.52] - Feeling tired after having a cup of coffee.
  • [33.27] - Individual variation in how individuals respond to caffeine.
  • [38.04] - How he consumes caffeine?
  • [38.20] - Removing caffeine and reintroducing it to improve performance?
  • [42.02] - Caffeine and sleep.
  • [45.52] - Supplements he's intrigued by for the general population.


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Feb 22, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Yusef Smith & Jonny Watson. Jonny and Yusef have two main businesses - Propane Fitness, where they help people get lean, and Propane Business, where they help trainers move online and create functioning business systems. They have a wide-ranging discussion about lessons they've learned about business, marketing, branding and productivity.



  • [01.20] - A discussion about favourite cereals.
  • [07.15] - What their approach to getting better/ learning has been.
  • [15.37] - How to work out what works and what doesn't when you're trying to improve an aspect of your business.
  • [19.48] - Marketing lessons.
  • [24.45] - How their brand has developed?
  • [28.30] - What they wish more people knew about business?
  • [34.18] - Yusef's productivity system/ a discussion about productivity.
  • [48.40] - Lifestyle currencies.
  • [49.45] - Using a website blocker to improve focus.
  • [51.15] - Task management - capture, review, do


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Feb 15, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Dr Col Robertson & Mel Spooner.  Together, they run a company called CAWS. CAWS is a company that is helping trainers and coaches navigate the tricky waters of working with clients who have had COVID-19. As well as that, CAWS has a ton of great content for trainers on their website, Youtube and Instagram. They discuss some fitness industry predictions for after lockdown and long covid. They talk about long covid is, what trainers need to know to about training a client who has had covid and why trainers are absolutely essential for helping society get out of this whole we're in.
Dr Colin Robertson has been involved in human performance and sport science his entire professional career. He has worked in every aspect of Strength and Conditioning from rugby to wrestling to wheelchair basketball, and countless sports in between; at national and international levels of competition. He has prepared numerous global adventurers to undertake unimaginable challenges, from climbing Everest to rowing the Atlantic, "Dr Col" has become a go-to specialist.
Mel brings to the business a 15-year career history handling global responsibilities for some of the biggest brand names in the sports and fitness industry and having consulted for many of the top 100 health club chains in the world. Mel is known for her roles at major brands including Technogym, TRX and MYZONE, and most recently overseas projects for Stages Cycling and David Lloyd Clubs through the work she does with TPN International — her first company set up in 2014.



  • [01.58] - How do they feel about the career of personal training just now?
  • [10.35] - How can trainers position themselves for the boom that may be coming for the fitness industry?
  • [15.45] - Why personal trainers/ coaches are essential for helping people with their health and fitness goals now more than ever.
  • [27.20] - What is long COVID and what do we know about it?
  • [32.35] - COVID infection numbers broken down.
  • [40.00] - Considerations when working with a client who has had COVID.


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Feb 8, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Mark Council. Mark owns a gym called Platform Performance, which he opened with a business partner in 2017. We discuss a wide range of topics including how he's staying optimistic amidst the chaos of lockdowns and uncertainty of COVID, why he prioritises professional development & mentorship, and how he ensures he gets the most out of what he invests in, how his gym delivers an 11-star service to their members and much more!



  • [01.25] - How his lockdown is going?
  • [06.32] - Why other people's success does leave clues.
  • [08.10] - Business biography recommendations.
  • [10.15] - Why he's been so willing to ask for help and mentorship today.
  • [14.40] - How he manages feeling like there's too much to do in his business.
  • [16.00] - Business key performance indicators (KPI's)
  • [18.00] - An 11-star service.
  • [23.53] - How he applies the professional development he goes through.
  • [25.00] - Lateral thinking.
  • [29.10] - Mark discusses the harder times he's had as a gym owner.
  • [34.25] - Why he has always focussed on delivering an excellent service and experience to his clients.
  • [38.30] - How his gym, Platform Performance, recruits new personal trainers.
  • [43.35] - Why gym ownership is not a natural step for most trainers.


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Feb 1, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Claire Winter. In the episode, they have a conversation around creating a more inclusive fitness industry. They touch on what Claire learned interviewing fitness professionals for a piece she created on prejudice in the soon to be released LTB magazine issue 11, why it's so common to feel like you don't belong in the fitness industry as a PT, why every client deserves the blank slate treatment and steps everyone can take to create a more inclusive industry.



  • [03.30] - Some of the things Claire learned in process of speaking to a bunch of fitness professionals about prejudice within the industry.
  • [15.05] - Why is it so common for personal trainers to feel like they don't belong in the fitness industry?
  • [21.40] - Why every client deserves the blank slate treatment.
  • [24.40] - Why all forms of exercise are good forms of exercise.
  • [33.10] - Steps to create a more inclusive fitness industry.
  • [41.20] - How you can read the LTB magazine.



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Jan 25, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Olly Jones. Olly is a trainer who has been working with clients since July 2004. Currently, he is the personal training co-ordinator for a gym called The Marlow Club where he mentors trainers and trains his clients. They discuss what it would be like starting as a PT today, why it's ok to change who you want to work with throughout your career, how to improve your client retention rates and defining the term client results.



  • [01.50] - How he got started in the fitness industry.
  • [09.35] - Starting online as a new personal trainer?
  • [16.55] - Why remote coaching through zoom is a viable method for new personal trainers to use to get started.
  • [19.05] - Why it's common to change the direction of who you want to work with in personal training.
  • [27.15] - Why he's managed to achieve such high retention rates.
  • [37.56] - Personal trainers defining client results too narrowly.



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Jan 18, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Andy Morgan. Andy is an online coach and author who lives in Japan and runs and He's been an online coach for over 9 years. Stuart and Andy discuss how he got his first few clients and how he gets them today, why it's worth creating blogs, how to create your first one and imposter syndrome.



  • [02.34] - How Andy found starting as an online coach without doing any in-person coaching beforehand?
  • [07.01] - Did he have any mentors or coaches who helped him when he first started?
  • [10.52] - How he handles imposter syndrome?
  • [15.36] - How he got his first online coaching clients?
  • [22.42] - How he gets clients now?
  • [27.55] - Is a blog a worthwhile thing to do?
  • [33.16] - What should you write about if you start a blog?
  • [37.22] - Has he always liked writing?



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Jan 15, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Cody Hill. Cody is a trainer who works mainly in large group settings. He's run large group outdoor sessions for a number of years for a company called Camp Gladiator. They talk about how he got started, some of the misconceptions that large group training holds from the world of the Bootcamp, how to create better large group sessions, getting more interaction when running zoom workouts, why you should watch your recorded workouts back and much more. 



  • [01.33] - Why he started lifting weights?
  • [05.08] - How he ended up starting in the fitness industry?
  • [10.20] - When he realised a Bootcamp wasn't just burpees and train-till-you-throw-up type workouts.
  • [18.12] - What a sample outdoor workout looks like?
  • [21.43] - How he started doing 1-1 PT off the back of running his group sessions?
  • [25.28] - Increasing interaction and a community feel over online platforms like zoom.
  • [33.00] - How important is the quality of trainer in large group training?
  • [39.53] - Would he go into large group training if he didn't have the job he does just now?
  • [47.43] - Skillsets for group training and 1-1.
  • [49.23] - Why you should watch back your recorded online group workouts.
  • [51.23] - Characteristics for doing well in group workouts.

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Jan 11, 2021
In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Nik Handley and Anthony Park from PT Mentor Academy. Together they've got nearly 40 years of experience in personal training in a variety of roles and lots to teach. They discuss a range of topics from the world of personal training including what you should be focussing on right now, what they were they both like as new trainers and what it's like looking back, what their message would be to a struggling trainer, turning knowledge into action and a bunch of other lessons.



  • [03.26] - Ant's experience as a new personal trainer.
  • [05.54] - Nik's experience as a new personal trainer.
  • [10.21] - When Nik found his place in the industry.
  • [12.51] - When Ant found his place in the industry.
  • [17.21] - What their advice would be a trainer who is struggling just now.
  • [22.41] - Bridging the gap between getting knowledge and information and turning it into action.
  • [32.41] - Does personal training have an apprenticeship phase?
  • [45.34] - How they would start in the industry if they were starting tomorrow but had all of their knowledge and experience?

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Jan 4, 2021

In today's episode, we have a reposted podcast from back in 2017 with Leigh Peele. Leigh is an incredible online coach and author of some excellent books on fat loss including 'Starve Mode' and 'The Fat Loss Troubleshoot'. Stuart and Leigh discuss self-esteem, what helps you last as a fitness professional, teaching your clients how to think critically and reducing the impact of failure.


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